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This site about program ideas is still in progress. A lot more program ideas will follow. This page will tell you what is here or will be here.

So if you are looking for program ideas, this could be the right place for you. I will give you many ideas, suggestions and tips for birthdays, holidays, party days or whatever you want to celebrate. Some program ideas will be familiar to you, but probably several ideas will be new to you. That is good. Sometimes you have to try something unusual.

No matter what a group's primary purpose may be, serious or otherwise, its social life is important, for having fun together strengthens group unity. So the program ideas listed here, could help you out.

This site offers program ideas in four recreational areas, like parties, games, stunts, and dances. A clipped, abbreviated style is used, and no attempt is made here to describe the activities fully. The details of these party suggestions, can be created by yourself, searched on the internet (copy and paste the title in Google for instance) or maybe you see helpful links on this site.

If full details were given of all program ideas for the many items on this site, you would be lost. And this site is intended to be primarily not only a stimulus to exert one's adaptability to differing situations but also an ignition key to spark one's own creativeness in originating other ideas.

In the section on parties you will find program ideas for parties of little folk, teenagers, and grownups; of men and boys, of women and girls, of families.

Program ideas

Program ideas for more fun

There are parties for special days, special seasons, and special reasons, parties appropriate to the outdoors and to the indoors.

If the occasion calls for games to be played indoors (quiet or active ones), these program ideas are listed here also.

Or perhaps the reader or leader is looking for paper and pencil games, quizzes, stunts, or tricks.

Games that will be good for small groups, large groups, mixed groups, or family groups are suggested.

There are times when stunts are needed to serve as icebreakers, to amuse, to whet the curiosity, to catch the group unawares, to draw shy members of a group into participation without self-consciousness, to give home talents a chance, to sharpen the mind.

All these program ideas and more are indicated in the section on Stunts.

Unique program ideas for dances in autumn, in winter, social dances and square dances, dances for special occasions, frolics, festivals, and jamborees.

Also a long list of board and table games, card games, paper and pencil games, word games, and miscellaneous games.
The "Activities around the calendar," should be used as a companion piece to "Social Life" for further incentive to the imagination. There are endless possibilities that can lift recreational activities out of the ordinary into an unforgettable hour or two of enjoyment and fellowship.